Wild Born, an intimate and ethnographic project that explores and documents the traditional and ecological knowledge of indigenous women around the world throughout the many phases of womanhood: right of passage, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

Wild Born aims to contribute to the revitalisation of indigenous knowledge in the present day, with the goal of ensuring that the knowledge of women in these communities will continue to be valued and can be passed down from grandmothers, to mothers, to daughters, and to the generations to come. Through film, photography, and media engagements, Wild Born is contributing to cultural revitalisation, and raising awareness of the imperative issues facing these indigenous communities and mothers everywhere today.

Our biggest announcement for this year


This year I am excited to announce the establishment of a non-profit organisation (its name and objectives will be revealed in June 2018). Furthering the work of the Wild Born Project, the organisation is built on three fundamental principles: explore, revitalise, and nurture.
At its core, the organisation aspires to provide a unique platform for a global movement for women to unite in supporting indigenous women. The organisation is set to promote pride in culture, improve the health and well-being of women and provide a unique healing place that is culturally safe.
The organisation will provide various opportunities to participate in future expeditions and take part in fieldwork. One of our goals is the establishment of birth stations in remote indigenous communities. Collaborative opportunities will be available for women with a background in midwifery / doula as well as women who are writing their PhD or thesis work and the various arts (photography/film/writing).




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